Anger “Grey’s Anatomy” fans at your own risk.

Ellen Pompeo found herself on the receiving end of some spicy words after she posted some spoiler-laden content about “Grey’s Anatomy” to her social media shortly after the most recent episode aired.

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A fan of the long-running medical drama tweeted at her, “Meredith Grey can f[***] off with her spoiler posts. Like give us at least 24 f[***]ing hours! Ughhhhhh yeah @EllenPompeo I’m big mad lol.”

Pompeo, seemingly not too bothered, quote tweeted the missive, responding, “Cmon bruh …Meredith Grey has been through a lot … and just an FYI name is Ellen Pompeo and run her Insta so that’s on me.”

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Without spoiling too much…we can say that the latest episode of “Grey’s” drew a lot of conversation on social media because it brought back two characters that had been dead on the show. One of those two returning guests had to film socially distanced due to Covid restrictions.