“SNL” head writer and Weekend Update host Colin Jost crashed wife Scarlett Johannsson’s appearance on “RuPaul’s Drag Race” on Friday.

Johansson joined the final five queens — Symone, Gottmik, Rosé, Kandy Muse and Olivia Lux — in the “Werk Room” via video. The “Black Widow” actress was on hand to give the girls acting advice as they were about to take on a challenge inspired by the 1989 movie, “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids”.

Johansson explained she was a longtime fan of the show. “It’s been a dream of mine to participate for a long, long time, so this is really exciting for me,” she said.

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Since the queens would be acting in front of a green screen, Johansson was the perfect choice to give some pointers considering the number of Marvel movies she’s appeared in.

“Acting is all about making a situation that is unreal feel very real,” she said. “So, I’d say the most important thing is that you have a lot of conviction, whether you’re fighting Thanos or a giant, spiky heel, you know what I mean? That comes from believing in yourself. If you don’t believe in your own self, then no one in the audience is going to believe you.”

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Responding to a question from Gottmik about how to stand out from the crowd when given minimal dialogue, Johansson delivered her own spin on a famous Hollywood adage, saying, “Remember there are no small parts, there are only small queens.”

Before signing off, Johansson asked if there were any remaining questions — at which point Jost chimed in. “I have one guest question,” the “SNL” star said. “The movie, will it be called ‘Size Queens’?”

The queens were left LOLing and Rosé even responded, “Hopefully… because you’re looking at a room full of size queens.”