She has style! She has flare! But… who is she?

Fran Drescher has a star in mind to play the role of “The Nanny” on Broadway. But she’s keeping that person’s identity a secret for the time being.

The ’90s sitcom has been getting a lot of attention this past week after HBO Max added the show to its streaming catalogue. Last year, Drescher first announced she was working on adapting the “The Nanny” for Broadway with the help of Rachel Bloom (“Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”). Now, in a new interview with Marie Claire, Drescher is teasing what we might expect from Ms. Fran Fine on the Great White Way.

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Drescher says the musical will be “much bigger than the TV show.” For instance, Mr. Sheffield’s staff will be enlisted for feather-duster dance numbers. Drescher may even appear in the show herself — but as Sylvia Fine (Fran’s mother) not as the titular Nanny. The actress and producer says she wants the musical to “stand on its own” without her in a starring role.

She’s also open to casting an unknown in the lead. “If we can discover the next Streisand, that would be amazing,” she says. But Drescher has her sights set on what Marie Claire describes as “a particular unnamed pop star who has crossed over into movies.”

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Drescher ran into the singer at a celebrity Christmas Party in Southern California, and broached the idea. “Her eyes kind of lit up,” Drescher said of the star’s reaction.

Cue us not-so-patiently waiting for a casting update.