Gwyneth Paltrow’s daughter, Apple Martin, is showing off her comedy skills — at the expense of her famous mom.

In a video that Paltrow’s 16-year-old daughter shared on TikTok, she offers up a hilarious play-by-play of her mom’s Goop-heavy morning routine.

As Paltrow mixes up her Goop Glow Morning Skin Superpowder, Martin quips, “And she eats nothing except for dates and almond butter, so she will have that.”

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She adds: “I suppose the Goop Glow is a part of her cleanse, which she’s been on since… the day I was born, apparently.”

Then Paltrow moves on to the bathroom for her morning skin regime.

“It’s 8 a.m., and she’s been doing this since 7 a.m.,” the teen jokes. “She just prances around the bathroom, putting on her millions of Goop Glow products for her glowing skin.”

Then Paltrow is pictured wearing a pair of glasses while working at her laptop.

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“Then she gets to work, making some more vagina eggs. And candles, also vagina candles, and vagina perfumes,” she says, breaking into laughter. “Just everything vagina.”

She concludes, “And yeah, that’s my mom’s morning routine.”


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Paltrow subsequently took to Instagram to share a mother-daughter photo of the pair.

“Exciting new product launch today featuring one of the absolute loves of my life,” she wrote in the caption.

Meanwhile, Martin also shared her own morning routine by demonstrating some of the Goop Glow products she uses, in a video posted on the Goop Instagram page.