The “Falcon and the Winter Soldier” co-stars have no problem complaining about each other.

On Monday’s “Kelly Clarkson Show”, Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan appear together remotely and are asked to name “one thing about the other person that drives you nuts.”

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Going first, Stan said, “That Anthony won’t share his soft side with me or the world as much as I wish that he did. Because there is a big, big soft side behind that mountain. And I’ve seen it—I’ve seen it sometimes, it comes out.”

“I share my soft side with you all the time, man,” Mackie responded.

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But when it came time for Mackie to share Stan’s one big flaw, he had no problem saying, “That he’s a hermit. That he’s always isolated. I want him all to myself, all the time, and he won’t let me have him.”

He continued, “I just want to go out and do stuff together: I want to go to restaurants together, I want to go fishing together. I want us to be besties that hang out, and he won’t hang out with me ’cause he’s so into himself.”