The Queen Wrote Hilarious Notes From Her Corgis To Royal Staff Member’s Dog

The Queen has quite the sense of humour.

English actor and presenter Alexander Armstrong revealed how he discovered notes framed in the bathroom of Her Majesty’s former equerry Sir Blair Stewart-Wilson, written from her beloved corgis to the staff member’s dog.

Armstrong made the admission on the new ITV documentary “The Queen and her Cousins”, People reported.

Armstrong shared, according to the Telegraph, “He would write these letters from their Jack Russell to the corgis, and the Queen would write these letters back.

“And they put this series of letters up, and they are so funny. I wish I could remember them.”

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He said the notes in question were so “wickedly funny” that he’d have to hold his stomach from laughing.

The comments come after royal biographer Sally Bedell Smith told People that the Queen is “much livelier in private than what the public sees.”

The royal, who has had more than 30 dogs over the years, welcomed two new corgi puppies over lockdown.

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