Time is the final frontier in the new trailer for season 2 of the Paramount+ series “Star Trek: Picard” — and one that brings back one of Picard’s famous foes.

The trailer, which dropped Monday, doesn’t show any footage of the second season but rather takes viewers inside the home of Captain Picard and pays special attention to elements connected with time — a clock and an hour glass for instance.

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Patrick Stewart, who plays the eponymous hero, narrates the beginning of the teaser. “The true finale frontier is time. Time offers so many opportunities but never second chances,” Picard says.

But then, as the camera focuses in on the lone letter “Q”, the voice of Picard’s old rival of the same name, as played by John de Lancie, interrupts in a nefarious tone. “The trial never ends,” Q says with a villainous laugh.

Q hails from the days of “Star Trek: Generation” and seems to be a particularly apt character to bring back given the emphasis on time — Q was known for his ability to warp reality.

As The Hollywood Reporter notes, Q/Lancie delighted fans with a surprise appearance at the First Contact Day virtual fan event on Monday.

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“Finally! I’m totally delighted and I’m really looking forward to it and I’m more than ready,” Lancie said of his return. “I’ve aged a little bit to be more in keeping with where we are right now. I’m here to make your life as annoying as possible. He is deliciously naughty and terribly self involved, so as my wife says, it’s not much of a stretch.”

“Q’s arrival is, as it often was, is unexpected,” Stewart added during the stream. “It also comes in a shattering moment in an episode, and I do mean a shattering moment. There is significant trauma. There are events coming up in season two that have never been seen before.”

Production is currently underway on season 2. Unfortunately fans will have to wait until 2022 for new episodes.