Piers Morgan is speaking out for the time since dramatically exiting “Good Morning Britain” following his controversial comments about Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s bombshell Oprah Winfrey interview. 

While appearing on Fox Nation’s “Tucker Carlson Today” on Monday, April 5, Morgan revealed how he still doesn’t “believe what they were saying, and in particular, I don’t believe what Meghan Markle said.”

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“Seventeen different claims by the pair of them have now been proven to be either completely untrue or massively exaggerated or unprovable,” he stated. 

Speaking about the circumstances which led to him walking away from his role as a co-host on “GMB”, Morgan recalled, “I didn’t believe Meghan Markle, a huge furor erupted through the day, I was an outrage, I wasn’t allowed to have an opinion that I didn’t believe what she was saying even though it was clear to me in real time as I was watching the interview that there were a number of things which just couldn’t be true.”

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Rubbishing Markle’s claims about being married three days before her 2018 wedding to Harry, Morgan said, “That’s illegal. If that had happened just the three of them, the archbishop would have been arrested for breaking the law. So there were things like that where I thought, Well, that’s not true, but that was not allowed to be a position I could adopt. I was told that you got to believe Meghan Markle, and if you don’t believe what she’s saying, you’re a racist.”

Much of the backlash stemmed from Morgan’s criticism of Markle’s claims she could not get help from royal staff after experiencing suicidal thoughts while she was pregnant. 

“It’s not for me to say whether she felt suicidal, that’s only for her to know,” Morgan told Carlson. 

“What I was taking issue with, is she claims she went to two members of the royal household — a senior aide and also human resources. And she told both of them she was feeling suicidal, and need help and both of them rejected that and said that she couldn’t get help because it would be bad for the brand of the Royal Family and I just find that impossible to believe.”

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Morgan described the couple’s interview with Oprah as “the most extraordinarily disingenuous smear hit job on the Royal Family, on the Queen, on the monarchy, and, frankly, on Britain, my country.

“And I was not going to have it. And so, I went on air on the Monday morning, and I gave it back … and I said quite clearly that I didn’t believe anything Meghan Markle was saying.”

The 56-year-old broadcaster walked off the show during an exchange with guest presenter Alex Beresford. 

Morgan added, “And here we are a month later, Tucker, and frankly I’ve had plenty of time to think about this, and I’ve had plenty of time to analyze all the analysis of what she was saying and what Prince Harry was saying, and I still don’t believe what they were saying.”