Santa Cruz Warriors point guard Jeremy Lin joins “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” on Tuesday to speak out against the rise of anti-Asian racism and hate crimes across the country.

The former Toronto Raptors star, 32, tells DeGeneres of the recent Atlanta shootings, “I feel like at this point a lot of the initial emotions from the Atlanta incident has settled, but I think I’m more aware of the situation and what we’re up against.

“It’s [about] becoming more aware of how systemic and multi-generational some of the issues are and so I’ve been trying to have some conversations and learn a bit more.”

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Lin recalls his parents’ “tough immigrant experience” and the sacrifices they made to support his dream of pursuing professional basketball.

The NBA veteran also talks about the racism he endured on the basketball court in Grade 6, as well as discussing how his Jeremy Lin Foundation is creating change.

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Lin shares, “When I was in sixth grade we were playing in a basketball game against some people from Southern California, that’s when they were like, ‘Go back to China, you’re a Chinese import,’ and stuff.

“I always felt like on the court colour didn’t matter, skin didn’t matter, it was just about who could play and who couldn’t.

“That was the first time where I was taken a bit aback and was like people do still see me differently even in the middle of a basketball game.”