Xzibit has responded after his marijuana brand Napalm faced backlash this week.

The rapper’s product has now been pulled from Higher Path dispensary in Los Angeles, TMZ reported, due to it being named after a chemical weapon.

The site also stated customers were “deeply offended” by one product in particular — a pre-rolled joint called the Grenade.

Napalm was used in firebombs during the Vietnam War, as well as against Japan in the Second World War.

Higher Path said in a statement, “As an entirely-white marketing team that lacks knowledge or trauma surrounding this weapon, we didn’t realize how violent and ignorant it was to promote such a brand/product. That’s on us.”

Xzibit, whose seventh studio album was called Napalm, added in a video statement, “The word ‘napalm’ is definitely synonymous with, you know, war and being used as a weapon. And if you know anything about me and my body of work, you know I got albums called Weapons of Mass Destruction, Man vs. Machine, so on and so forth,” confirming Napalm the album used the same branding and font as the company.

He continued, “My intention here is to just let everyone know as a Black man, I understand discrimination and hatred.

“I understand what that does to communities, how it affects communities. So just to clarify the position that we have at Napalm Cannabis, we by no means acknowledge, justify, or feel as though we are promoting violence towards the Asian community. We stand with the Asian community.”

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“We stand firmly in the belief that our intentions, our directives and initiatives, are for the positive for the cannabis community and also for the enrichment of the community around us.”

ET Canada has contacted Higher Path dispensary for further comment.

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