Russell Peters may not be able to perform in front of a live audience right now, but he can say whatever he wants on his new podcast iHeartRadio and Cloud10 podcast, “Culturally Cancelled”.

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While catching up with ET Canada’s Roz Weston, the comedian shares what inspired his new project.

“[It’s] real people having real conversations in my backyard,” Peters shares. “You’re being a fly on the wall while I’m hanging out with people. You’re literally getting to hear how we actually talk.”

“I often say in my act now that if I were to read a transcript of what I just said on stage and you didn’t tell me it was me who said it I would cancel myself,” the comedian says of the inspiration behind the podcast’s somewhat provocative name.

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However, “Culturally Cancelled” is more than just another celebrity podcast. It’s about sharing those unique stories that fans across the world have never heard before.

“I don’t want to have the thing where you sit down, ‘How did you get into this business and what was it like for you growing up?,’ No, that’s boring, that’s what we do in every interview that we get. So this was our chance to hang out and show the world that look, these are real guys and you know them as such and such but we are real people having real conversations,” he explains.

Check out the full interview with Peters below.