Will Forte is officially a dad.

The “Saturday Night Live” alum, 50, joined Conan O’Brien on “Conan” Monday evening and announced the arrival of his baby girl, Zoe Douglas Forte.

According to Forte, his fiancée Olivia Modling gave birth in February and they’ve been living in bliss ever since.

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“I just had a baby — well, my fiancée Olivia just had a baby,” Forte told the host. “Exactly seven weeks ago, Feb. 15. … We love her. She was delivered by a doctor named Dr. Rad.”

He added, “The baby is doing great.”

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Later on during the interview, Forte shared some of the best baby gifts he’s received since welcoming little Zoe. But the star says his favourite came from Modling.

“Well, of course, you get home and you get tons of gifts from people… but by far the best gift that I got was from [Modling],” he said while referring to his age, which is “pretty old for a father.”

“But Olivia had this made for me,” he continued, holding up a sweatshirt with “Dad or Grandpa?” written across it.

O’Brien added, “You’re on the line, it could go either way.”

Forte and Modling met at a party in 2018 and became serious in 2019, later they got engaged in 2020.