JoJo Siwa is happy being her true self in public.

The YouTube star is on the cover of the new issue of People and inside she discusses coming out as LGBTQ as a tween icon.

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“I had a lot to lose, but I found love,” the 17-year-old says.

“I never wanted [my coming-out] to be a big deal,” Siwa continues. “I’ve known since I was little.”

Her mom, Jessalynn adds, “I did, too. A mother knows.”

As a family, they also recognized the risks that could come with Siwa coming out.

“I have a lot that could have gone away because of my love life,” she says.

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Of course, Siwa is still just a teenager like any other, admitting, “My struggles deal with being overworked or not getting any sleep.”

She adds, “Do I ever have breakdowns? Yes, of course, I do. I’m a teenager. There are a lot of times where I just will throw my phone down and lay on my bed and look at the ceiling and cry for a second.”

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