Lauren Graham Talks Spending 5 Months Away From Partner Peter Krause Due To COVID, Reveals Why It Was An Adjustment Returning Home

Lauren Graham’s longtime partner and “Parenthood” co-star Peter Krause has an interesting way of coping during the pandemic.

“The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers” star Graham appears on Thursday’s “Ellen DeGeneres Show”, telling the host when asked how her other half is: “Our unique situation was because ‘The Mighty Ducks’ shot in Vancouver and because of quarantine, I couldn’t come and go.

“Normally it’s a two-hour flight, you come home on the weekends, but I couldn’t do that. So we were separated for almost five months, which had never happened before.”

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Graham jokes, “When I came home the house was a little different, there were more piles I would say,” adding: “He and his son [Roman, 19] had really bonded which was fantastic, but I think the re-entry was more difficult.”

The actress says, “It was more like they were the married couple,” revealing how they were telling her how things were done around the house.

Graham continues of Krause’s unique COVID routine, “I guess to make COVID life fun, he’d go to the store and stock up on ridiculous amounts of whatever and leave it in the corner of the living room and call it ‘COVID corner,’ as if this somehow made these piles of stuff fun or a place to visit.

“I felt like I had to respect ‘COVID corner’ and allow it to exist because these times are tough and everyone dealt with it their own way.”

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Graham also talks about living on a houseboat in the Virgin Islands as a kid and getting picked up by a speedboat to go to nursery school.

She then discusses her new book of essays with a chapter called “Boobs of the 90s” and explains why she wrote all about bras, breasts, and how she left hers in the last decade.

Plus, since Graham has had many odd jobs in her life, she plays a game where she tries to convince DeGeneres if she worked as a street mime and bus driver, among other occupations.

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