The Miz might be a villain on WWE television, but he is quite the motivational human resources representative for “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

Ahead of his high-profile match vs. Bad Bunny at Wrestlemania 37, The Miz played a practical joke on the “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” staff. Guillermo and various production staff were called into a “corporate performance review” meeting one-by-one.

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“Which is something that’s never happened here before, so I don’t know why they believed it,” Kimmel told his audience on Wednesday.

The former two-time WWE champion went “deep undercover as an agent of ABC HR”. His victims included Kimmel’s cousin and talent relations director, a stage manager, a production assistant and a TV watcher.

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The “Miz & Mrs.” reality star delivered a cold performance review before unleashing his inner pro-wrestling and freaking out. Colourful LED lights blasted around the room as Miz grabbed a microphone, shattering glasses and giving high-intensity words of encouragement. Things only escalated with Guillermo, as the pair ripped off their shirts and flexed uncontrollably.

Wrestlemania 37 is a two-night professional wrestling pay-per-view event taking place on Saturday, April 10 and Sunday, April 11. Notable performers include Roman Reigns, Edge, Randy Orton, Sasha Banks and Drew McIntyre.