Liam Payne Shares The Advice He Wishes He Could Have Given His Younger Self

Liam Payne has some advice… for himself.

In a new interview with Glamour U.K., the One Direction singer was asked to share the guidance he would have provided to his younger self.

“I think just have more fun and relax a little bit,” he said.

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“I think I was a very serious child, one of those man-childs, I was a man in a child’s body pretty early on,” he continued. “And I think I would have avoided that stage, to be honest with you. To enter One Direction as that difficult, because it just meant that I got completely a different job to everybody else.”

If he had the opportunity to do it all over, he admitted that he “should have just larked around and thrown plates out the window and stuff!”

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Asked if that means that his behaviour should have gone in more of a “rock and roll” direction, he replied, “Well, I mean at the start, and then later on a bit less rock and roll [laughing].”

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