Camila Mendes is opening up about her relationship with her “Riverdale” co-stars.

The actress, 26, chatted with Paper magazine about the silver lining of breakups, revealing her split with Charles Melton only made her closer with Lili Reinhart and Madelaine Petsch.

Around the same time, Reinhart and Cole Sprouse ended their relationship and so did Petsch and her longtime love Travis Mills.

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“We all got out of relationships at the same time and then went through this pandemic together,” Mendes explained. “And now we’ve been bonded by how much change has happened. Me, Madelaine and Lili, specifically, we’ve never been closer than we have this season.”

She added, “It’s really nice to have them, to feel like I do have friendships here — meaningful ones.”

The pandemic also caused Mendes mental health to hit “an all-time low.”

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“Every day was definitely a challenge and therapy was absolutely key for me to keep sane,” she said. “My best friend moved in with me and that was a huge game-changer for my mental health.”

Mendes continued, “I found ways to be creative while staying positive and reading books. I read this book called Vibrate Higher Daily, and it’s basically about how to radiate positivity. And I found more books to help me navigate.”

The “Riverdale” stars are currently in Vancouver filming the hit series’ fifth season.

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