Shenae Grimes-Beech needs your help with a “big decision”.

The “90210” alum is expecting her second child with husband Josh Beech but is stuck on names for the unborn boy.

The Canadian beauty and Beech are already parents to Bowie Scarlett, 2.

“With Bowie, it was so easy,” Grimes said of naming their daughter.

“She is such a Bowie. We thought it’d be the same with this kid. We thought we’d have it in the bag, no problem. We knew we wanted something that went well with Bowie,” she continued on her blog The Damn Thing.

Grimes detailed how they have been trying out some baby names but nothing has stuck.

“I know I said it was his name and I liked it when we wrote it on a piece of paper and said it aloud amongst ourselves, but now… not so much,” she said. “Something about the way it came out of other people’s mouths just felt off. I loved it. I loved that everyone else loved it, but I hated hearing them say it which would likely become an issue over time. Just as quick as we’d landed on that name, I now wanted to throw it as far away as possible. That was not my child’s name.”

Grimes added, “I was so sure with Bowie and I want to feel the same about this little one’s name. He deserves that kind of confidence. And a great f***ing name, like his big sis.”

Grimes is currently halfway through her pregnancy.