Oprah Winfrey had a virtual sit-down with Eddie Murphy for Apple TV+, and the legendary comedian opened up about his comedy process, why he had zero apprehension about returning to the world of “Coming to America” and revealed he feels utterly comfortable in his own skin.

In one part of the conversation, Murphy discussed his plans to return to standup comedy, and told Winfrey that the pandemic has altered the way he works out his material — but just a little.

As he explained, it would usually happen when he’d say something that elicited laughter from whoever he was with. “I’d get into another social situation and try it again. If it gets a laugh, I’ll be like, ‘I’ll try that on stage.'”

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Now, whenever he comes up with something funny, he records it in his phone. “I’ve got, like, hundreds of little things in my phone,” he told Winfrey, who asked if he would try out the material before he hits the main stage. “How do you know they’re funny?” she asked.

“How do I know they’re funny?” he responded. “‘Cause if I came up with it, it’s funny — ’cause I’m funny.”

Winfrey also asked if he had any apprehension about creating a sequel to “Coming to America”, one of his most popular movies.

“No, not at all,” Murphy insisted. “Because I knew I wasn’t making the movie until we had a script that was good, and we worked on the script for four years. When the script got right, I was like, ‘Okay, let’s make this movie.”

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Murphy also told Winfrey that he’s in a great place right now. “I’m the most comfortable I’ve ever been in my skin,” he said.

“I feel great and optimistic and totally comfortable in Eddie,” he added. “I always was comfortable in my skin, but not like now.”

The interview can be seen in its entirety in the next edition of “The Oprah Conversation”, which begins streaming on Friday, April 9.