Gwen Stefani has joined forces with Saweetie for a new version of “Slow Clap”.

Stefani and Saweetie could be seen dancing around a high school gym and locker room in the music video for the single, which was first released by Stefani last month.

Saweetie adds to the track, “My favourite position is CEO check the stats / Me and Gwen Stefani snatchin’ wigs on the track.”

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She pays homage to Stefani’s songs “Hollaback Girl” and “Rich Girl” by belting out: “I ain’t no Hollaback b***h/ Now I got it, I ain’t gotta act rich.”

Stefani posted a video from the set of the music video Friday, telling fans “Slow Clap” was out now.

The music video was directed by Sophie Muller, who previously worked on vids such as No Doubt’s “Don’t Speak” and Stefani’s “Wind It Up”.

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Stefani told Variety of how the Saweetie collab came about, “I saw on the internet that Saweetie had posted her listening to my song ‘Luxurious’, so then I wrote to the guy helping me find a feature, ‘Oh look, it’s in the air, Saweetie’s listening to my song.’

“He said, ‘Oh, you want her to hop on your song?’ I said, ‘Sure!’ and then literally the next day she posts, ‘I’m going in to work with someone, here’s a clue: she’s iconic.’”