Sometimes you just need more dancing Zemo in your life.

In last week’s episode of “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier”, the murderous Baron Zemo, played by Daniel Bruhl in the “Captain America” franchise, made his big return.

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But as taken as people were with Zemo’s villainous antics, what fans loved most was his awkward dancing while trying to blend in at a night club.

As clips of the dancing became a meme on social media, Marvel decided to do everyone a solid.

The studio released an hour-long video on YouTube featuring nothing but a loop of “Dancing Zemo” for fans to play to their heart’s content.

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Bruhl talked about the much-loved dancing scene in an interview with ET Canada after the episode aired.

“This is Zemo-style,” he joked. “I’m also very passionate dancing on the floor. If necessary I can be contained and subtly sophisticated, but I like going for it. My friends very often tell me how embarrassing when the Spanish side kicks in and I do some matador moves, you know, flamenco-style.”

He added that the dance wasn’t in the script but he decided to improvise it so the character could “let off some steam.”