The Robertson family’s conversation about racism continues.

On Thursday’s new episode of “At Home with the Robertsons”, hosts Korie and Willie Robertson brought in members of their family to reflect on the episode earlier in the week all about racism.

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The couple’s daughter Rebecca Robertson Loflin, who came to the Robertsons as an exchange student from Taiwan and eventually joined the family as a foster child, opened up about her own experiences with anti-Asian racism.

“Asian people have been experiencing things differently in this last year because of COVID,” Korie said during the conversation.

Rebecca then told the story of an offhanded racist joke made by a family acquaintance while she and her husband John Reed Loflin were out.

“We were eating somewhere in town and someone we knew came over,” she recalled. “And he just came over and was like, ‘John Reed, you’re so lucky because your wife and kid are Chinese you can just send them to the grocery store to get toilet paper because everyone would just run away from them.'”

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She continued, “He thought that was like a funny joke, but it really wasn’t funny because, first of all, we’re not Chinese,” at which point her husband explained that “this guy is not my friend.”

Rebecca explained that some people are simply “kind of ignorant” and that “they don’t think that’s racist.”

Korie later added of the rise in anti-Asian racism during the pandemic, calling it “really sad” that people “are blaming all Asian people on what’s going on in the world right now. It’s a hard thing for Asian people to carry.”