J Balvin has just unveiled a new collab with Khalid, “Otra Noche Sin Ti” (which translates to “Another Night Without You”).

The video — directed by Colin Tilley — showcases the pair’s new single, the latest from Balvin’s upcoming album, his followup to 2020’s Colores.

The singers are situated in a fog-filled forest, as Balvin sings in Spanish and Khalid sings in English.

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Ahead of the new track’s release, the collaborators appeared in a video to reveal how they met, while Balvin also took viewers on a guided journey through the history of his distinctive hairstyles over the years.

As Khalid explained, he met Balvin through sheer serendipity. Impressed by his track “Ginza”, Khalid posted a screenshot of the single’s artwork on Twitter, writing, “Yo, @JBalvin is so fire.”

Balvin — then relatively new to the music scene — tweeted back, telling Khalid he was also “fire,” and asked, “When we working?” The seeds of collaboration were sown, culminating in their new joint venture.

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Khalid said that he jumped at the opportunity to work with Balvin.

“I was super excited,” he admitted. “It’s always awesome when an artist, you know, you give each other props because you genuinely like their music.”