Queen Elizabeth II is remaining calm following the death of her beloved husband Prince Philip, her former secretary Charles Anson said.

The 94-year-old monarch, who was married to Philip for 74 years, was said to have been prepared for the worst and has been surrounded by love from around the world.

“She would have thought about this moment several times, and her way would be to remain as steady and as calm as possible,” Anson told People. “That comes naturally to her through her temperament and her experience.”

He added, “In my years of working for her she was always calm, no matter what was going on. But for any human being, this is a very cathartic moment.”

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Anson recalled how Philip, who passed away at age 99, quickly adapted to his role when it came to supporting Her Majesty.

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“There were some things they had to deal with together that were difficult, but it was a long marriage with a great deal of happiness,” he said. “He took very seriously his role as a support for the Queen as monarch.”

Anson explained that Philip was able to provide “a great level support from a strong outward-looking man of action that he was. He was a natural of his generation to be at his wife’s side. He very quickly came to terms to watching to be in that role of support, as well as running his own life.”

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Anson went on to say that the Queen will be surrounded by the close members of her private household in the coming days.

“She has an enormous amount of family support for her and will also take comfort from the enormity of the support from all over the world,” he shared.

An intimate funeral for Philip will take place at St. George’s Chapel in line with his wishes. More details are to follow in due course.

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