If Blake Shelton could go back in time, he’d have some wisdom to share.

Speaking with People magazine, the country star and “The Voice” coach was asked what advice he’d give his younger self.

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“I would have told that kid, ‘Hey man, the mullet’s not as cool as you think it is,'” he joked. “And I would have told myself to get more rest back then. When I started I was 24 and lived life to the max back then. It’s probably why I ran out of battery so soon.”

Shelton is currently looking ahead to the 20th anniversary of his debut No. 1 single “Austin”, which was released on April 16, 2001.

“These days I’m just kind of a slow slug,” he said of his career now. “Luckily I got the job on ‘The Voice’ and I get to sit in the red chair most of the time for a living.”

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Talking about his upcoming album, Shelton said, “I’m really happy the Swon Brothers, who were on my team on ‘The Voice’ in season 4, wrote [the title track] and sent it to me. It’s such a different-sounding song. I’m to the point in my career where I always want to try to reinvent myself. I keep one foot in traditional country but at the same time … find new sounds and new music.”