Rosie Perez is speaking out about how she hasn’t been invited to attend the Academy Awards since she was nominated for Best Supporting Actress back in 1994.

The “Flight Attendant” star got candid about her feelings towards the Oscars during a new interview with Variety, in which she addressed Latinx representation in the film industry.

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Revealing how she hasn’t attended the ceremony since being nominated for her performance in “Fearless”, she said, “Not even to sit in the audience, not to present, nothing – and I’m a member. I love the Academy Awards. I cheer on my peers, but it hurts.”

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The actress said that the snub felt “like when your home team doesn’t ask you to come back into the stadium after you got up to bat and hit the home run.”

Perez also spoke about her experiences in Hollywood as a member of the Latinx community. 

“The biggest struggle has been navigating through other people’s shortcomings,” she admitted. 

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“Other people’s bigotry, racism – and specifically the ones that don’t understand that they are bigots or racists.”