Amanda Seyfried is hoping that she’ll soon be “Defying Gravity” in the upcoming movie adaptation of the Broadway musical, “Wicked”. 

The 35-year-old star revealed her dreams of playing Glinda the Good Witch during an interview with Varietys Awards Circuit podcast. 

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“I’ve been campaigning for Wicked for five years,” revealed the “Mank” star, adding, “I’ve never been more ready to hit those notes.”

Admitting that she has already sent a clip of herself singing “Popular” to director Jon M. Chu, Seyfried added, “There’s things that you will always be attached to and want to do, no matter how old you get, but if they still haven’t made ‘Wicked’ by the time I’m 50, then fine I’ll let it go.”

The actress also revealed her choices for who she’d like to play Elphaba, the lead character in the musical. 

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“For a while it was Anna Kendrick, because I thought that her Elphaba would be really solid, and, you know, I sing the high notes and she can sing, she can be the alto,” she said. “At one point, it was Anne Hathaway, too. She could obviously be Elphaba.”

However, Seyfried’s No.1 choice was a powerhouse vocalist who she previously worked with on “Les Miserables”.

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“There’s nobody else like Samantha Barks,” she gushed.” Samantha is my No. 1, I mean, there’s no better singer in the world I think.”

Kendrick was asked about the idea during an interview with E! News to which she revealed Seyfried has previously brought the suggestion up with her.

“That’s so funny,” she said. “I hadn’t heard that, but I, when I met her in real life, she said that to me. So I was like, what are you, eavesdropping on that conversation? I didn’t know that she’d said that.”

Kendrick then joked, “So she didn’t just say it to my face to be nice.”

Although she isn’t sure she would take the part, adding, “Oh, these questions are always tricky to answer, to not create a thing. I mean, obviously like, Wicked is a masterpiece and a classic and it’s an iconic show and that’s all I’ll say about that.”