He may be a sweet, doting dad whose young daughters have him “wrapped around their fingers” with dance sessions, “Frozen”-themed tea parties and home sandpit construction, but Mike “The Miz” Mizanin will fiercely be taking no prisoners as he tackles Bad Bunny during the pair’s hotly-anticipated WrestleMania 37 clash on Saturday.

In fact, the 40-year-old wrestling star warns that the Puerto Rican musician will be forced off stage for some time once he’s done with him.

“If his fans are angry with me now, they’re going to be really angry after WrestleMania because he’s going to take such a beating that he’s won’t be able to perform for a very long time,” Miz tells ET Canada ahead of the match on April 10.

The Miz
The Miz — WWE

“I’ve seen him at the Super Bowl with Shakira and JLo and that’s awesome,” continues the two-time WWE champion. “He’s an amazing musician, but I would say, ‘Stay in your lane — come to WWE, do your performance and leave. Don’t overstay your welcome or do what I do because I’ve had 16 years of hardcore training to be as good as I am.’”

Ahead of the clash, Miz debuted a Bad Bunny diss track “Hey, Hey, Hop, Hop” (“I imagine it’ll win a Grammy,” he quips) and then vandalized the 27-year-old reggaeton star’s pricey Bugatti. “I painted a $3.6 million Bugatti like I was finger-painting with my daughter,” Miz boasts.

Miz isn’t just leaving his mark on Bunny’s car — he’s thrilled to have his face on a limited run of Snickers bars and also appears in a new commercial for the WrestleMania sponsor, in which he shows his clumsy side.

Clumsiness is something he’s all-too-familiar with as a father to Monroe, 3, and Madison, 1, whom he shares with Canadian wife and fellow WWE star, Maryse Ouellet.

Miz says the “silver lining” of the pandemic has been spending more time with Ouellet and their girls.

“I’ve been able to teach my daughters how to swim, build them a sandpit and have so many ‘Frozen’ tea parties. My daughter has started to dance and she looks like [‘Seinfeld’ character] Elaine Benes. Sometimes the rhythm goes through her body and she contorts into moves I’ve never seen in my entire life. It’s adorable. I might steal some moves,” he says.

“The love is something I never imagined in my wildest dreams,” he adds about being dad to two girls. “There was a part of my heart I didn’t know existed until I had a newborn. My friends tried to make me understand. I’d say, ‘Guys, let’s go for dinner,’ and they’d use [kids] as an excuse and I didn’t get it. Then I had a little girl and a whole new part of my heart opened up.”

As for what the cuties think about wrestling, Miz says they enjoy the lights, colours, characters and music, but are too young to fully understand the sport. He adds that as they get older, the key to helping them differentiate between the physical force used in professional wrestling and criminal violence is educating them.

“You’re always educating your kids. My 3-year-old will push my 1-year-old because she’s annoying her and I have to say, ‘Don’t annoy Monroe because she’ll get angry and sometimes she can’t control her emotions, so she’ll push you.’ Then I’ll tell my 3-year-old, ‘You can’t push her. You’re the big sister, so you have to love and protect her.’ I’ve never been a dad before — first-timer here! So, I’m just doing the best I can.”

Adventures in parenting are chronicled in season three of Miz’s reality series “Miz & Mrs”, which premieres on April 12. Memorable moments from filming included watching his mom, Barbara, and Ouellet’s mom, Marjolaine, hit the dating scene. Having been with Ouellet for 10 years, Miz says he was out-of-the-loop with dating apps, swiping right and slipping into DMs, and that it felt “wrong” learning about it all from their mothers.

However, nothing was as awkward as the scarring moment he walked in on the love-hungry ladies doing a topless photo shoot. “I felt like my eyes were burned for life. Why they were doing it is still beyond me. I think they wanted to feel sexy. My mom had watermelons over her… boobs. I hate saying that because it’s my mom! But it’s nice they’re getting back out into the game.”

The episodes were filmed before the pandemic, and Miz is now looking ahead to post-COVID adventures with his family. And that could include visiting Montreal, where Ouellet’s from.

“She always wants me to come up there and try their maple syrup,” he laughs. “I’m like, ‘You can get maple syrup anywhere,’ but she’s like, ‘No! You need to go to this place where we get it out of the trees.’ We’re excited to take the girls to meet her extended family in Montreal as soon as everything opens up.”

“And I love Vancouver,” he adds. “It felt like my second home for a while because I filmed four movies and an episode of ‘Supernatural’ there. It’s a beautiful city, the people are friendly and there’s everything you could possibly want and imagine.”

The Miz
The Miz — WWE

Of course, Miz has everything he could want or imagine at home now, thanks to a quirky gift from Ouellet during “Miz & Mrs” — his own urinal.

“That’s every man’s dream. It’s arguably the greatest thing I’ve ever had in my bathroom. I got my own urinal — and my own Snickers bar!”

 he adds. “If you had told childhood Miz that I’d have a candy bar dedicated to me one day, I would’ve said, ‘No way!’”