“Wheel of Fortune” has been celebrating College Week, welcoming an array of college students to spin the wheel and win big by correctly guessing phrases on Vanna White’s board.

One of the week’s students, USC theatre major Nico Fife, had almost solved a word puzzle when he made a ridiculously wrong guess to what should have been an easy answer.

With all but two letters revealed, Nico had to guess the correct letter to complete the phrase “LEAVING MY LA_TO_ AT HOME.”

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Anyone who guessed the missing letter to be “P” can go to the head of the class — unlike Nico.

When host Pat Sajak asks, “What letter would you like?” Nico replies, “F!”

“F,” says Sajak, somewhat baffled by Nico’s response.

Naturally, viewers took to Twitter to share their own thoughts on Nico’s epic blunder, with some joking that “F” was a letter Nico would be seeing frequently as he continues his postsecondary education.

Thankfully, not everyone was mocking Nico.