Prince Charles is honouring of his father, Prince Philip, who passed away Friday at age 99.

“I particularly wanted to say that my father, for I suppose the last 70 years, has given the most remarkable, devoted service to The Queen, to my family and to the country, but also to the whole of the Commonwealth,” said the Prince of Wales on Saturday, his first public statement since the Duke of Edinburgh’s death.

“As you can imagine, my family and I miss my father enormously. He was a much loved and appreciated figure and apart from anything else, I can imagine, he would be so deeply touched by the number of other people here and elsewhere around the world and the Commonwealth, who also I think, share our loss and our sorrow,” Charles added.

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“My dear Papa was a very special person who I think above all else would have been amazed by the reaction and the touching things that have been said about him and from that point of view we are, my family, deeply grateful for all that,” he concluded. “It will sustain us in this particular loss and at this particularly sad time. Thank you.”