When HBO’s “Perry Mason” returns for its second season, Tatiana Maslany will not be among the returning members of the cast.

On Saturday, TVLine reported that the former “Orphan Black” star won’t be reprising her role as radio evangelist Sister Alice in the series’ upcoming season.

According to an HBO rep, Sister Alice’s “arc came to an end as planned in the Season 1 finale.”

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However, that runs slightly counter to an interview Maslany gave last year.

“I think it’s the first chapter,” she told Collider of how her character’s story arc could continue in the second season. “I think she’s finally working to emancipate herself from all of the things that have defined her and controlled her up until this point… she sort of becomes distilled in a way. She’s, in a way, starting again.”

At the time, “Perry Mason” exec producer Susan Downey told Collider that she wasn’t ruling out Sister Alice returning in the second season.

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“What’s always great is you build these characters in Season 1… there are some of these characters where you come away and you go, ‘We’ve got to find a way to get them into Season 2,” she said. “There are going to be new arenas that we want to play with, and whether or not she ends up on this next leg of the journey or maybe comes back even further down the road, I think it remains to be seen.”

One possible reason for Maslany’s departure could be her recent entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, having signed on to play She-Hulk in an upcoming series for Disney+.

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