Hailey Bieber discussed dealing with constant paparazzi attention during an interview for TikToker Dixie D’Amelio’s YouTube series “The Early Late Show”.

Bieber spoke about being “upskirted” during an outing to L.A. hotspot The Nice Guy with her husband Justin.

In a video shared by E! News, the couple exited the club and entered a private bus when the paps swarmed.

The “Peaches” singer confronted the photogs, accusing them of taking pictures up Hailey’s skirt.

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But the paparazzi insisted they were doing nothing wrong.

“Why would we do that?” they pleaded. “Come on bro, look at the videos…Hey bro, I hope you have a good night, man. Bro, bro, bro, no one would do that, brother.”

The model told D’Amelio that she struggles to “understand it” and said that she feels like “it’s a really weird, invasive thing” when asked about paps.

“What I understand is people trying to capture clothing or try to get these outfit shots, because that’s good for the people who designed the clothes and for the stylists. That, I understand.”

She said of the “upskirting” incident last month, “I was leaving a place with my husband, and we were coming out of this place and there were like curtains on the sides of the entrance, and I had noticed that someone had stuck the camera under the curtain from the ground angle.

“I was wearing a really short skirt, so when we got in the car I was like, ‘I feel like it’s a tricky angle because I’m concerned they would have shot up my skirt.’ Because, what else are you going to see?’

“I’ve had two bad experiences when someone photographed my underwear when I was walking and they still let the photos come out. When you’re a woman and there’s men that are taking these photos, it feels really, really invasive and disrespectful and it’s not OK.”

Bieber added of pap attention, “Every day that we pull out of our house there’s someone there waiting.

“I think to a certain extent you have to understand what comes with this industry and lifestyle although I still don’t understand how people can just take photos of you without your permission. It does come with the territory and I still try to set my boundaries with them as much as possible.”