Even Oscar winners get nervous the first day on the set of a new gig, but for Catherine Zeta-Jones, joining the “Prodigal Son” cast was made easy by Michael Sheen, who like the actress, also hails from Wales.

“It’s hard sometimes, it’s like you come into the show and it’s like, ‘whoa, it’s the first day, I feel like it’s the first day of school’. And you’re always like, ‘I don’t really know anybody.’ I feel like really self-conscious,” the actress says about joining season two of Global’s “Prodigal Son” as Dr. Vivian Capshaw, who works at the Claremont Psychiatric where Sheen’s murderous Dr. Martin Whitly is held.

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“With Martin being played by Michael Sheen, who is literally from my village, from my town… it’s a wonderful sense of being very, very at ease,” she says. “When they cut, we go straight into our Welsh accents like super, super strong Welsh accents and talk about places and people we know.”

While the two have bonded when the cameras aren’t rolling, Zeta-Jones says their characters are about to get a little closer.

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“There’s a moment in Vivian’s character that has a vulnerability,” she explains. “This façade slowly starts to crack a little and she starts to open up to him. But there is a weird animal instinct, attraction to each other. That is, it’s fun to play because it’s dangerous.”

“Prodigal Son” airs Tuesdays on Global at 9 p.m. ET/PT.