Cher is all about Christopher Meloni these days.

“Christopher Meloni is excellent,” she wrote to Twitter. “Charismatic actor.”

Meloni quickly replied, flattered. “A lovely way to start the day,” he said.

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Of course, some fans speculated that some photos that recently went viral had something to do with the praise.

Recent pics of the actor, 60, on set of “Law & Order” in New York showed off Meloni’s particularly tight pants and have sparked a craze on social media.

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“Ok, so she’s also seen the butt pics,” a Twitter user responded.

But Cher denied that claim, saying, “I only know him from ‘SVU’.”

Later, Cher tweeted again, “RESPECT for fellow artist has nothing to do with” and then she added a heart emoji, along with a baby chick in his shell and one out of his shell.