Sally Struthers is looking back on her decision to step back from working with Save the Children after almost 30 years. 

While joining in on the latest installment of “WTF with Marc Maron”, the “Gilmore Girls” star recalled a terrifying incident she experienced after travelling to Uganda with the charitable organization.

Struthers, who has starred in many commercials for Save the Children, was supposed to be meeting a young boy who she had been sponsoring. 

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“They brought [the child] from his village, which was quite a few hours away. He had travelled to come meet his sponsor, to meet me, and I made some commercials with him, and I played with him and I brought him toys and balloons,” she recalled.

“Well, a roving band of guerrilla warfare guys came out of the bushes and asked [him] where he was from, and he named his village, which was far away, and they decided that we had kidnapped him, and they were going to shoot all of us.”

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Fortunately for Struthers, a priest who was accompanying the team could speak the same language as the men. He instructed Struthers to back away without turning her back to them.

Everyone in the team survived, however, the incident left a lasting impact on the 73-year-old actress.

“I thought, ‘I’ve been on so many little airplanes that could have crashed and in so many horrible situations.’ I came back from one of my trips overseas with hepatitis,” she said. “I thought, ‘What am I doing? I’ve got a child, a real-life child of my own, and I’m gonna make her an orphan. I can’t do this anymore.'”

Struthers also discussed what it was like to be mocked on shows like “In Living Color” and “South Park”. 

“Everyone in the world is making fun of me,” she added.

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“I could never understand that from the first time I found out some comic or another made fun of me and then a greeting card was on sale somewhere making fun of me. It dumbfounded me that if you’re trying to help hungry children, you’re fodder for horrible, cruel jokes. What’s wrong with the world?”

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