If there’s anyone who could provide meaningful musical mentorship to “The Voices teen talents, it’s Brandy!

The singer and actress is season 20’s Team Legend mentor, and found herself blown away during the final night of Battle Rounds, when two of the season’s youngest performers — 17-year-old Carolina Rial and 16-year-old Rio Doyle — were paired up by coach John Legend for a performance of “Somebody That I Used to Know” by Gotye feat. Kimbra.

“You guys are stars. Stars,” Brandy emphasized, growing emotional as she mentored the young pair during rehearsals. “You guys are singing from your soul. Everybody don’t sing from their soul. And it’s moved me. Like, I’m teary-eyed.”

“To be 16 and 17 singing like that is unbelievable. I don’t know if I had that amount of confidence at that age,” Brandy admitted to the cameras, a meaningful statement from a performer who was both a multi-platinum recording star and television leading lady before the age of 20. “This kind of pressure can make someone that young fold. I didn’t see that with them.”

“You guys have it, and I want you to continue,” she shared with Rial and Doyle. “Never stop. I’m very, very, just proud of you both.”

During their performance, the duo didn’t disappoint, with Rial showcasing her impressive range, Doyle wowing the coaches with her unique tone, and some coordinated choreography for an extra flourish. Ultimately, Legend chose Doyle as the winner of the Battle, but used his save on Rial, moving her forward as well, to the 4-Way Knockout.

“I picked Rio because I think Rio has an interesting tone,” Legend shared after the decision. “I felt like it was a powerful performance, with a lot of individuality and a lot of fire.”

“I think Carolina has a really good chance in the 4-Way Knockout, because she has that big, powerful voice and she has the confidence!” he added. “She’s not afraid of the moment. She’s a risk taker, and I like that about her.”

As they prepare for the Knockout Rounds, the remaining “Voice” singers will receive some performance tips from the season 20 Mega Mentor: Snoop Dogg!

The legendary rapper was announced as this season’s superstar guest for the Knockouts last week, and he told ET he had a great time sharing his knowledge of the music industry with the aspiring stars.

“There’s so much talent inside of each team,” Snoop raved ahead of the surprise announcement. “The element of surprise is when you come and see Snoop Dogg sitting in the chair… If I was a young, aspiring songwriter or singer, it’d probably throw me off beat, but then I would compose myself to show them that this is why I’m here.”

“I just think that each team has some unique singers and some unique artists that could possibly make it past the show,” he added. “I know only one person’s gonna win, but it seems like there’s about six or seven [possible] record deals up in here.”

“The Voice” airs Mondays at 8 p.m. PT/ET on NBC. See more from season 20 in the video below!


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