John Oliver poked fun at the Royal Family once again during an interview with Seth Meyers on Monday’s “Late Night”.

The “Last Week Tonight” host was asked about Prince Philip’s death, to which he joked: “It’s difficult isn’t it when a 99-year-old leaves us, it’s hard to know how to feel or indeed whether to articulate how you actually do. It’s difficult.”

Oliver had mentioned on his own show Sunday how the Queen and Philip were actually third cousins from Queen Victoria’s lineage.

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Oliver told Meyers, “They were very close, I don’t think it was just restricted to them. I believe that family is familiar with one another.

“In the way they can’t be close emotionally, they certainly are close biologically. That’s something, isn’t it.”

The British star went on, “With that general rule that you should not speak ill of the dead, it feels like people were really trying to do that until… what you also can’t do is speak overly complimentary of the dead. At that point all bets are off… the people that have been biting their tongue going ‘Actually, f**k you, here’s what he was like!'”

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Oliver had mentioned earlier how the Queen and Philip, who married in 1947, met: “In the U.K., Prince Philip died, which is a tragedy if you don’t know a single thing about him. And even if you know a little bit about him, you might not know this.”

He added after showing a viral interview clip, “Yeah, it’s true. Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth are cousins who later got married — also known as a Giuliani meet-cute.”