Ava August’s latest performance has everyone in awe.

On Monday night, the 15-year-old singer stepped out onto the “American Idol” stage to perform a cover of a Queen ballad.

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Channelling Freddie Mercury but bringing her own voice to the table, August sang a heartbreaking rendition of the song “Love Of My Life”.

“That was just a massive step,” Lionel Richie commented after the performance. “First of all, you make me forget ’15’ completely. You are singing like an absolute pro. Like you’ve been around for the longest time ever.”

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Katy Perry added, “This is like world-class.”

Guest-judge Paula Abdul also remarked, “It’s like you’re reaching for notes that don’t even exist, but once you display them, everyone wants to reach the same note. It’s so beautiful and so unique,” adding, “You blow me away.”