Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart have their friendship put to the test on “The Tonight Show”.

Snoop and Stewart were invited onto Monday’s episode of the late-night talk show. They were each given notepads and markers and were asked to answer each question separately before sharing their answers.

“What is Snoop’s favourite thing to cook?” host Jimmy Fallon first asked the pair.

“Fried chicken with corn flakes,” Stewart wrote. Her answer was not too far off, as the rapper revealed his answer, “chicken wings.”

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The answer was good enough for Fallon, who proclaimed, “We’ll take that! That’s a match!”

Fallon subsequently asked the odd couple to come up with an alcoholic beverage that best describes Stewart.

“Vodka,” the “Drop It Like It’s Hot” rapper revealed, much to Stewart’s disappointment.

“Martha-rita,” Stewart replied. “You forgot, Snoop!”

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“Blame it on the medicine I had before the show,” he teased.

The 2021 Puppy Bowl hosts were asked to write down what Snoop’s profession would be if rapping never worked out.

“Basketball star or coach,” Stewart wrote, but Dogg’s answer was actually, “pastor.”

“Really Snoop?” Stewart laughed. “I noticed he was changing Jimmy, but I didn’t know he was going that far.”