It’s Good Bunny vs. Bad Bunny in a hilarious new “Late Late Show” skit.

James Corden, a.k.a. Good Bunny, explains how the duo came about in the clip, and it wasn’t always plain sailing.

“What I’m most proud of is being part of one of the greatest rivalries in the history of music,” Corden shares.

Bad Bunny adds, speaking to the camera in Spanish, “Man, the rivalry I had with Good Bunny? I won’t lie. It made me the artist I am today.”

James Corden as “Good Bunny”. Photo: Adam Torgerson/CBS
James Corden as “Good Bunny”. Photo: Adam Torgerson/CBS

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The pair speak about their past, including Corden’s smash hit “Carrots 4 Dayz”, which shocked Bad Bunny because it was just so good.

This encouraged Bad Bunny to get in the studio to release “Soy Peor” before Corden came back with “Chocolate Eggs” — a track that almost caused Bad Bunny to give up music because it was “so powerful.”

Bad Bunny. Photo: Adam Torgerson/CBS
Bad Bunny. Photo: Adam Torgerson/CBS

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The rest is history and the pair end up getting together for an epic duet in the “Late Late Show” studio.

Corden also announced a joint world tour in 2022, though Bad Bunny has yet to say yes.

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