It turns out Guillermo has been spending his quarantine at John Stamos’s place.

In a hilarious new segment from “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”, the show reveals that everyone’s favourite sidekick moved in with Stamos during the pandemic.

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The video begins on April 13, 2020, with Guillermo moving all his stuff in.

“That’s a lot of suitcases, how long are you planning on staying?” Stamos asks, to which his guest responds, “Six, seven months.”

The two are then seen frolicking around in the backyard and the pool, helping each other shave, and more.

At one point they jokingly take swigs of bleach to protect themselves from COVID-19, crediting Donald Trump with the idea.

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Also on the show, Stamos talked to Kimmel about being ugly as a baby, unlike his own son Billy.

“I never imagined I’d see an unattractive photo of you,” Kimmel remarked upon showing his baby pictures.

“I wasn’t a good looking baby at all,” Stamos admitted, recalling a story about how his mom would put a blanket over the carriage when she brought him home “so the neighbours wouldn’t look at me.”