Cardi B has had it with “blue check Republicans” who remain silent when there are things that really matter to preach about.

The rapper shared a video on Twitter, commenting on Caron Nazario, a Black and Latino second lieutenant in the Army Medical Corps, who was pepper-sprayed by police in Petersburg, Virginia.

Cops reportedly pulled him over allegedly because his car did not have licence plates, but NBC claimed temporary plates were taped to the inside of the new car’s back window and that they were visible.

Footage of the Dec. 5 incident emerged online this week.

Cardi raged, “This past week we have seen an American lieutenant that served this country get treated like a f**king dog by cops, got maced, got thrown to the floor — mind you, this man served this country. Over some f**king licence plate that these motherf**kers couldn’t see — temporary licence plate.”

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The officer that sprayed Nazario, who filed a lawsuit seeking more than $1 million, has since been fired.

Cardi also spoke about Daunte Wright, a Black man in Minnesota, who was shot and killed by police officer Kimberly Potter during a traffic stop on April 11. The cop mistook a gun for a taser.

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Cardi, who was dressed in a white bathrobe in the clip, went on: “We have seen a young man get killed by a cop, unarmed, and the excuse was the cop that had been on duty for 20-plus years, mistaked a gun for a taser.

“And my thing is, where the f**k are you Twitter blue check Republicans at? Y’all are the loudest on this motherf**king app, y’all not saying nothing, y’all not complaining, y’all blame everything with what’s wrong in America beside the police. Y’all have been very silent! What’s going on?”