“The Real Housewives Of Dallas” star D’Andra Simmons spoke about that drama with Brandi Redmond during an interview for “Chanel In The City with Chanel Omari”.

“RHOD” fans have been watching tensions rise high between the pair, with Redmond recently confronting Simmons over an interview she gave to Page Six, in which she was asked about a racially insensitive video that surfaced at the beginning of 2020 showing Redmond appearing to mock Asians.

Simmons also spoke to Omari about Redmond recently questioning her faith.

She shared of the drama between the pair, “I think the thing that really upset me was when she questioned my religious beliefs and the judginess I felt from that, the judgment when she knows of all people… I’m the one when Brandi had her issue with the video, I sent her Bible verses and prayers and songs, all Christian, by the way, just to lift her up.

“I took the cross to her family home when her mother-in-law passed away in a letter that took me about 45 minutes to write to her and her husband about what it’s like to lose a parent. Plus I had gone and bought her kids probably $400 worth of toys at Toys Unique so they could have something to distract [them].”

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Simmons continued, “So I’ve always been there for her. And whenever the video came out, I was one of the first people on Instagram to say, you know, I know this is not what, I don’t know what I said, but I support you. We love you.

“We know your Christian beliefs are important to you and that… whatever I said. I don’t remember what I said, but anyway, so I just was always supportive.”

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“So when she said in front of my mother that I was basically turning my back on Jesus and that anytime you go outside of the Christian belief system and anything that that’s not related to Jesus.

“I had a real issue with that because last year, I don’t even remember… we went to a haunted house and she was talking to spirits.

“I just reminded her of this is very duplicitous because you talk to spirits, you had a medium and a psychic, which is completely against the word of God.

“Also there was a Ouija board at that haunted house last year. That is the number one thing… all Christians know you don’t mess with that, that’s the portal to the devil.”