The “Lost” and “Game of Thrones” TV finales are up there among the most disappointing ones ever, according to a new survey.

To mark 10 years this week since “GoT” first graced our TV screens, asked people which TV finale they were most disappointed by.

According to NME, “Lost” topped the poll with 27.3 per cent, while 25 per cent of viewers voted for “GoT”.

“How I Met Your Mother” came in third with 17 per cent, while people also voted for “Sherlock”, “Prison Break” and “Dexter”.

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Male fans were the most likely to vote for the “GoT” ending, with 24.6 per cent of respondents being unimpressed with the way the much-loved show finished.

This obviously isn’t the first we’ve heard of fans being upset with how “GoT” ended, with viewers voicing their opinions about it after it aired back in May 2019.

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Fans even went as far as to demand bosses reshoot the season 8 ending.

To celebrate 10 years since the start of “GoT”, a season 8 recap trailer was released earlier this month.