While it’s traditional for members of the Royal Family who hold military titles to wear their full dress uniforms for occasions such as funerals, that will not be happening at the upcoming funeral of Prince Philip.

As The Telegraph reports, given that Prince Harry was stripped of his military titles after stepping away from official royal duties, questions have arisen over whether he would be the only male member of the Royal Family not wearing military attire at Saturday’s funeral for Prince Philip.

In order to ensure the focus doesn’t shift from honouring Philip to media discussions of Harry’s attire, the Queen has advised all senior male royals to simply wear suits and ties and dispatch with the uniforms.

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According to reports, the matter arose when Prince Andrew requested that he wear his military attire for the funeral (he was made Vice Admiral in the Royal Navy in 2015); however, since he stepped away from royal duties in the wake of the scandal surrounding his association with Jeffrey Epstein, his military status is seen as something of a grey area.

A source tells ET Canada the move was to “even the playing field” so “the day would be about Prince Philip and not who is wearing what.”

While Buckingham Palace has not yet confirmed how the royals will be attired for the Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral, a military source reportedly said that having the male royals wear suits is “the most eloquent solution to the problem.”