Allison Janney’s new do was a shock to some.

On Wednesday night, the “Mom” star was on “The Tonight Show” and she talked about the show coming to an end after 8 seasons, and how her new hairstyle freaked out the producers.

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Asked if she kept any souvenirs from the show, Janney explained that throughout the show’s run she wore a wig, so her new, short and naturally grey hair came as a surprise on the set.

“It’s funny because no one knew I was wearing a wig,” she said. “I come in for this season of ‘Mom’, and the producers see me like this, and they’re like, ‘What have you done? How are we gonna do … You should have asked us before you did this to your hair!'”

She continued, “Luckily, there was no real cause for alarm. “I’m like, ‘Guys, I’ve been wearing a wig since season one, but nobody knew it.’ Everybody in the world knows it now. So, that wig is coming with me, and a few pairs of sweatpants because my character Bonnie loved to be comfortable, as does Allison Janney. So I took a lot of sweatpants.”

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Also on the show, Jimmy Fallon had Janney get into mom mode to do a reading of some Dramatic Mom Texts.

In one series of texts, a mom bothers her kid about doing chores without getting any response.

Finally she reads, “Dad and I talked, we are going to buy you a car next month.”

“U are??? Omg thank u,” the kid texts back, to which the mom responds, “No. We’re not. I just wanted to make sure you were getting my texts.”