Crushing on a co-star can be “excruciating.”

In Vanity Fair‘s latest “Cocktail Hour, Live”, Emma Corrin, Cecily Strong, Kelly Sawyer, and Jessica Alba got together virtually for some drinks and a game of “Never Have I Ever”.

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As part of the game, Corrin posed to the group, “Never have I ever had a crush on a co-star.”

Almost immediately, the other participants turned the question right back on her, trying to determine which of her co-stars on “The Crown” Corrin had a crush on, though she wouldn’t spill.

“Was it Prince Charles?” Sawyer asked.

“Actually, no, it wasn’t Prince Charles, no,” Corrin said, “which was probably for the best, because that was a long shoot, so that could have been excruciating.”

In season 4 of “The Crown”, Prince Charles was played by Josh O’Connor, opposite Corrin in her breakout role as Princess Diana.

Alba, meanwhile, admits that she actually binged Corrin’s season of “The Crown” all in one day.

“I think I even started to get a bedsore,” she joked.

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Later, Alba reveals that she also has a tattoo that she very much regrets.

“You know what, it’s a good lesson for my kids,” she admits, prompting Sawyer to ask which tattoo she’s talking about.

“My tramp stamp,” Alba laughs. “And the one on the back of my neck.”