Laura Dern is highlighting the shame that many women feel when talking about their finances.

In an iconic scene from HBO’s “Big Little Lies”, Dern’s character, Renata Klein, declared, “I will not not be rich.” 

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Looking back on the TV moment during during the Vanity Fair “Cocktail Hour Live!” chat, the 54-year-old actress said, “I hope every woman claims that.”

Continuing, “I had no idea that it would resonate in the way it does and if it was any line that I’ve ever said that could resonate, I’m thrilled that it’s that, because it’s obviously multi-layered and it’s not only about finance.

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“But how wonderful that women are talking about money.”

The Oscar-winner also discussed the guilt that some women feel when talking about money.

“There’s more shame talking about money than there is about sex,” she added.

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Reflecting on her own financial education she recalled, “I can’t believe nobody ever mentioned money to me, ever. Nobody talked about it. Should you get a checking account? How do you save? Who do you talk to about it?”