Sarah Silverman met with Kevin Hart — virtually, of course — for a comedy conversation that also took some serious turns.

During Wednesday’s edition of SiriusXM’s “Comedy Gold Minds with Kevin Hart”, the two had a wide-ranging conversation that touched on such topics as Silverman’s recent foray into podcasting, where they see the future of comedy heading and her lifelong struggles with depression.

“I remember when I was 13, it just came over me,” said Silverman of the depression that’s plagued her since childhood. “You know how fast a cloud will cover the sun, and you’re like, ‘is it dark out?’ It was that fast. It wasn’t like my parents got divorced, or I mean, they did, but it was just a chemical, like all of a sudden the world looked one degree different to me.”

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According to Silverman, she still experiences depression, but on a mild level that she’s able to handle. “Like I’ve been on Zoloft since ’94. And just the smallest dose, like I cut, I break whatever the one is in half. And I take that and it has just been the perfect thing where I don’t feel trapped in the middle with no highs or lows. I do have highs and lows, but they aren’t debilitating as much, you know, they don’t make me paralyzed with fear as much. I can handle it when I have lows. I can think to myself, this will pass. I know for a fact this will pass,” she said.

Silverman also weighed in on being one of the comedians forced to apologize for jokes made years earlier.

“I could argue either side. Obviously, like two weeks in a row, I’m like apologizing for jokes I made about Britney Spears 14 years ago. I’m apologizing for that. And you know what? Apologizing doesn’t shame me. It doesn’t scare me. It makes me feel free,” she explained.

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“I never understand how it’s hard for people. I apologize when I’m sorry. I don’t apologize when I’m not sorry, but I’m f**king sorry a lot because comedy isn’t evergreen. And to that point, I’m not a bad person because I did a bad thing in the context of what we’ve learned in the world,” she added.

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