SPOILER ALERT: Anyone who hasn’t yet seen Thursday night’s “Big Brother Canada” is warned that spoilers are ahead.




“Big Brother Canada” kicked off Thursday’s eviction episode with Tina and Kiefer on the block.

“I can’t believe it’s me,” said Kiefer after being confronted with the cold hard, lesson that loyalty will only take you so far when dealing with the alliance known as “the Triangle.”

After the houseguests turned up the heat with a spicy chili-eating challenge, Kiefer had a heart-to-heart with Jedson, making the case that Kiefer can help him make it to bitter end; is Jed willing, Chief Kief asked, to risk making “a $100,000 mistake?”

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Later, Jed and Ty pulled Kief into a secret conversation, pledging their votes for evict Tina, not him.

“I campaigned my a** off, and they want to keep me. Me! I’m gonna stay in this house and I’m gonna continue to play my game!” he said in a confessional, marvelling that his bold gambit actually worked.

However, Ty and Jed didn’t count on the wrath of Beth, who told the boys she was “p***ed off” that they went behind her back to make their deal with Kiefer. Whether this fracture in the Triangle turns into a full-blown divide still remains to be seen.

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Following all that intrigue it was time to vote, and Tina was the first to make her case. “Now is the time to change the game,” she said. “What you do in this house is not what you do outside of this house.”

Then it was Kief’s turn, telling the houseguests he’s “just a kid from the rez. Been knocked down a hundred times and every time I got back up stronger… if I’m good for your game, keep me — and let’s play.”

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In a three-one vote, Tina became the next houseguest to head to the jury.

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“I think they looked at my relationship with Kiefer and Tera, and me being the middle person, and if they separate that, then Kiefer would be more loyal to the boys and then Tera would be essentially alone,” Tina told Arisa Cox in her exit interview.

Asked to predict what happens next, Tina said, “I really think that the three need to band together, Kiefer included, and I think they need to make a power move and change their trajectory in the game.”

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Arisa ended the episode by making a big reveal about next Thursday, which will be “a fake double eviction,” in which two houseguests will be evicted before battling it out head to head, with the loser heading to the jury.

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